Scaring My Son

His face dropped. 


“Oh god, I’m scaring my son.” 


His realisation summed up the regret, shame and guilt that goes with the drinking life. 


We’d been talking about the effect of his drinking, and he mentioned that his son had recently asked him not to drink. 


We discussed why that had happened. He’d started to realise that his son was worried. That his son thought that if he kept drinking, he would die. I realised that his drinking was scaring his son. He was scaring his son.  


There are so many emotions you can extract from a conversation like that: regret, guilt and shame. 


For me that sums up the true price of drinking: it’s not the health problems, the lost productivity or even the drink driving accidents and the punch-ups. It’s regret, guilt and shame. 


But there is a different way. 


You can swap all of those bad feelings for joy.  


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