International Men’s Day

This Sunday is International Men’s Day. It’s a great time to pause and take a look at some distinctly male problems. 


  • Men are more likely to drink heavily.
  • Men are more likely to binge drink.
  • Men are more likely to be in an alcohol related car crash.
  • Men are more likely to be involved in alcohol related violence. 
  • Men are more likely to commit a sexual assault after drinking.
  • Men are more likely drink before committing suicide. 


Worst of all, according to the Centre for Disease Control more than three-quarters of deaths from excessive drinking are men’s. 


Yet, we are less likely to do something about it. 


Proportionally less men access treatment centres. But most interesting of all, of the top fifteen stop drinking books on Amazon nine of them are written by women and six of them are by men. 


Women are less likely to drink heavily but more likely to write a successful book about it if they do.


Look, heavy drinking is not entirely a male problem, but it is an area of society we’re over represented in. Yet in the sober community, we’re under-represented.  


Come on guys, let’s do something about it. Don’t let the women hog all the benefits of alcohol-free living.


If drinking is a problem, then do something about it now. I’m here for you. So are so many other people: AA, Smart Recovery, This Naked Mind, Allen Carr, hell even Facebook groups can help. 


And if you’ve stooped. Stand up. Be counted. Share your story. It is by showing people another way you lead them out of the darkness. 


Have a sober International Men’s Day.

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