A bunch of interviews from a load of leading podcast

Podcast/Show/Event Name Episode Title Hosted by
The Sober Edge Episode 89 Getting Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Teri Patterson
A Positive Influence Stop Indulgence. Start Living! Deborah Wilson
Ask Faleskini How business people should get over indulgences? Peter Faleskini
Courageous Recovery Episode 146: Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, is a Speaker, an Author, and a Morris Dancer Randy Mortensen
Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling Episode 98- Get Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Madeleine Black
Untapped Keg Episode 116: Get Over Indulgence RJ Zimmerman
The Other Stories Supporting Overindulgence Rachel Maunder
Forgive and Thrive Episode 72: Stop Overindulging with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Ros Sana D
Sun & Moon Sober Living Episode 33: Get Over Indulgence with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Mary Tilson
The Retirement Cafe Episode 157: Get Over Indulgence, with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Justin King
The Business Marketing Club Episode 158: Business Marketing Heroes – An Interview with Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Business Marketing Club