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Duncan has done his fair share of overindulgence, strictly speaking, he’s drunk more than his fair share of wine and eaten more than his fair share of cake.

Along the way, he found himself in some interesting places like on stage with S-Club, a stint as Mayor of his hometown, and Morris dancing in Westminster Abbey.

After 20 years of overdoing it, he cleaned up his act and trained with the Easyway clinic, the world’s most successful stop-smoking service. Now he spends his time helping people push over-indulgence out of their life.

He’ll show you that getting over indulgent can power up your productivity, push up your performance and pump up the pleasure you take from life.

As an author, Duncan has written a book entitled “Get Over Indulgence: Take Control Find Your Stress-Free Life”.

He lives in Abingdon with one wife, daughter, and two bonsai trees.