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Maybe drink a little less?

Are you worried that maybe you drink a little too much? 

In this gentle and humorous webinar, I’ll answer all your questions about drinking.  We’ll cover a bunch of stuff around drinking like:

  • Do I have to stop drinking? 
  • Is stopping drinking difficult?
  • Will I be less fun without booze?
  • What will my mates say?
  • Does drinking help with stress? 
  • Does drinking help socialising? 
  • If I stop drinking will I become a boring, grey husk of my former self? 


I’ll also cover some of the many benefits of getting control of your drinking. Like more energy, better focus, less stress, more time, more fun, feeling great in the morning, and better sex. I could go on but let’s just dwell on better sex for a bit. 

Why not come along?

All you have to do is log on, have a laugh, and ask a question if you want to.

You have nothing to lose but the booze. 

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