Smash the Sh!t Out of January

  • Heavy Christmas? 
  • Bored of waking up and feeling sh!t? 
  • Has the fun gone out of drinking?

Don’t panic, you are not alone. Literally millions of people get to this point every year. They’re not sure what it is but they know they need to dial back the drinking.

The problem is most of them screw it up.

They dive into Dry January with no real idea of what to do. They quickly start to hate not drinking. They quickly start to hate January. In short, they start drinking again. Usually sooner rather than later. 


They end up having a very wet February. They wake up feeling like sh!t, the fun has gone out of drinking and they’re fed up with living this way. 


They go round and round like a nasty venereal disease at a swingers party. And they end up miserable.  


But you can get your drinking under control. You can do it without the pain and suffering. Better yet, you don’t even have to listen to some smug spunktrumpet banging on about yoga.

Headline news: you can enjoy changing your drinking.

Join me for “Smash the Sh1t Out of January” and we’ll have some fun.

I promise I won’t tell you what to do. I’ll probably tell some bad jokes, but I promise I won’t tell you what to do. I’ll share:

  • The big secret that high performers know about alcohol.
  • The truth about how to enjoy socialising without drinking a drop.
  • The number one strategy of getting control of your drinking. 

Plus a bunch of super useful tips, tricks and tactics that will help you make 2024 a year to remember. 

“Smash the Sh!t Out of January” is your funny and entertaining way of getting to grips with your drinking.

Join me On Friday 29th December at 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern and 11am Pacific. 

See you there.