Get Over Indulgence

You are one book away from the life you want… 

Get Over Indulgence outlines a simple system to revolutionise your relationship with food, booze, and life. 

  • Power up your productivity
  • Re-energise your self-confidence
  • Create your stress-free life

All without the need for monk-like dedication or soul-crushing suffering.

Duncan has done his fair share of over indulgence, strictly speaking he’s drunk more than his fair share of wine and eaten more than his fair share of cake. 


Now he wants to show you that getting over indulgence can power up your productivity, push up your performance and pump up the pleasure you take from life.

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Real Men Quit

Coming soon. Out 26th December 2023. No really, that’s soon!

Real Men Drink

Just look at all the macho reasons for drinking:

  • It shows everyone how tough you are
  • It’s the key to great nights with your mates
  • It makes your stress disappear 
  • It helps you meet beautiful new partners 
  • It’s what proper blokes do.

Except, that’s bullsh$t.

Alcohol doesn’t make you tough, it makes you weak. It doesn’t remove your stress, it causes it. Behaving like a lad is preventing you from becoming a man. 

You can take control of your drinking. You can stop. 

And if you do, you will start to lead the life you want and:

  • Reach your full physical potential
  • Strengthen your friendships 
  • Reduce your stress
  • Increase performance in every area of your life
  • Develop a fulfilling relationship
  • Use your power for good 


It’s time to put down your drink and man up because…


Real Men Quit 

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