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Real Men Quit is going to help a lot of people but only if we can get it out there. That’s why we created the Free Street Band. We need a committed group of people to help us promote Real Men Quit. 

If you want to make the world a better place and you’ve got a bit of rock ‘n’ roll in your soul, then you’re in the right place. If not, I’ll get one of the bouncers.

There are literally millions of men who need to read Real Men Quit. And that’s just in the UK. Your support is vital to get it in front of them.

Real Men Quit will help them change.

Not because I’m an amazing writer, OK, not just that, but because slightly under half of all the people that get beyond alcohol, do so in an unstructured way without engaging with support services.


In essence, the single most effective path to recovery is not rehab or AA, it’s natural recovery. Having spoken to many people who have stopped drinking that way, I know what they need is a little information and an example of someone like them who’s got free. 

Men will read this book.

The team worked so hard on creating an amazing book because they understand that it’s been scientifically proven that books are more effective if you actually read them. Which is why it includes lots of jokes – they’re not that good but there are a lot of them. 

But if you wanted to check it out in the meantime you can grab a PDF here:

We need your help.

I don’t expect you to ruin your holidays to jump back on the socials to shout about the book. But if you are able to put out a post or two on your favorite platform it would be a huge help.


Below are three easy ideas about how you could help spread the word. Feel free to cut and paste or hack them about and make them your own. 


Don’t be shy if you have questions or just want to hit me up for a cup of coffee. 

07552 725 739 


And keep rockin’ the Alcohol Free world. 



Here are three social media ideas to help get the book into the right hands



We all know someone who drinks too much. We want help but we’re not sure what to do.

Here’s the answer!

Real Men Quit will help them get to grips with their drinking and build the life they want. Particularly if they’re a man. 

Buy it for them on Amazon: 

I’m getting Real Men Quit #BuyingForAFriend. Who do you know that needs it? 

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Go Dry like a Winner

Only losers struggle with Dry January. Real Men are so dry they don’t even get wet in the shower. 

And if you want to know their secret – if you want to know the truth about enjoying life without alcohol – then you need to grab a copy of Real Men Quit. 

#QuittersWin, #RealMenQuit. #SoberWarrior

And don’t forget to add a photo. 

These are our efforts, they are open for theft or inspiration. 


A quick testimonial

Everyone loves testimonials. If you have a phone and a few minutes, why not record a quick video? Here’s an example which the social media legend Gethin Jones did for us.

You could write something if that’s easier. Obviously, we love reviews on Amazon and Audible but putting them on the socials is really powerful too. 

Don’t forget to include links so people can get their own copy.

Buy it on Amazon:

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Here are a few examples you could steal or adapt

Do you wonder if you might be drinking a little bit too much? Then this is the book for you. Real Men Quit will help you to get to grips with why you drink and how to get it back under control. And there are knob gags. Get yourself a copy. 
Testimonial Men
John Doe
Sober Warrior
Want to go beyond alcohol? Then you need Real Men Quit. Duncan delivers solid techniques with humour and understanding. He’ll help you kick your reliance on booze. He’ll show you how to be happier, healthier and more productive. In fact, I wish I’d read it back when I was drinking.
Testimonial Men
John Doe
Sober Warrior
Real Men Quit is a potent cocktail of laugh out loud moments, down to earth advice and intercontinental truth bombs. If you want to leap out of bed and smash the sh*t out of life then this is the book for you.
Testimonial Men
John Doe
Sober Warrior

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Something bigger?

If you want to put something longer on the socials, then let me know and I can provide you with articles, videos, or interviews. I’m always happy to write something specific if you have a target market in mind. I was born to guest post. 

I’m also more than happy to interview if you happen to have a podcast or a primetime TV show. Incidentally, why have you never mentioned the fact that you produce ‘Oprah’?

Whatever your idea, let’s chat. 

Real Men Quit Book

Want another copy?

If you want to buy a copy for someone who really needs it or you have a wonky table that needs propping up you can take advantage of our special Free Street Band deal.

We can post you a copy anywhere in the UK for just £6. Better yet, we’ll include exclusive Free Street Band merch. The only other way to get your hands on this amazing merchandising is to ask me really nicely. 

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