Is indulgence stopping you from being brilliant?

My gentle and humorous programme will show you how I overcame indulgence. That helped me become a better employee, a better husband and a better human being.


At the heart of my transformation was a simple idea that doesn’t require monk-like dedication. A concept that will increase your well-being, your happiness, and your enjoyment of life beyond what you thought was possible.

My programme can offer you the following benefits:

  • By improving your relationship with alcohol, you can increase your productivity and discover time you didn’t know existed.
  • By pushing indulgence out of your diet, you can improve your performance and increase your energy.
  • By tackling digital distraction, you can improve your concentration and boost your creativity.

I only work with people who:

  • Want to change the world
  • Are friendly and relaxed
  • See opportunities rather than problems
  • Are open and forthcoming
  • Appreciate the value of self-development
  • Want a better tomorrow


And it helps if you have great taste in shoes.

If that sounds like you then get in touch.

Get Over Indulgence is always bespoke.

Either by using pre-event surveys or through discussion with you, we can direct the programme towards the needs of your audience.

The programme can be adapted to fit a variety of situations. It can be delivered in anything from 20 minutes to 6 weeks. 

The programme can be delivered virtually or in person depending on the needs of the event.

For a better tomorrow call today: