You stopped drinking. You unmasked alcohol. You can see alcohol for what it truly is. You’ve come a long way.

But how well do you actually understand alcohol?

Maybe you think you’re done with the stuff, so you don’t need to know anything more. Which is cool. 


But what I’ve found is that knowledge promotes sobriety.


How much do you really know about the alcohol business – ask yourself these questions?

  • How firm is your grasp of the science behind drinking’s cascade of effects
  • How well do you really know what big alcohol is up to?
  • How firm is your understanding of alcohol’s impact on mental health
  • How well do you appreciate how deeply the drinking message has seeped into our society

Knowing more about alcohol will help to solidify your sobriety. Learning more will help you talk about it to your friends and family. Maybe finding out more about big alcohol will turn you into a fist raising sober warrior.

It’s time to get educated.

In a session that will be as filled with fun as it is with facts, I’m going to dive into all of these things:

Alcohol’s effect on your physical performance

Alcohol’s devastating impact on your sleep

Why alcohol causes you to forget things even when you’re not drinkin

The huge impact alcohol has on your mood

How organisations are being rocked by alcohol use

The sneaky tricks that alcohol companies use to disguise their advertising

What big alcohol does to make sure alcohol prevention doesn’t work


7 PM UK | 2 PM EST | 11 AM PST

Just sign up, log on and get aware!

See you there.