It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

I know that one. 

I’ve never been to jail, though I did make a brief appearance in a police cell, that’s another story. 

The thing is I get what Nelson was saying. I can picture him in a cell in the brutal Robben Island Prison. And I can see him slipping towards despair. Thinking that it will never end, that he will never be free, that his country will never be free. 

I can empathise with that because I sat in my own prison cell, slipping towards despair, thinking that I would never be free from alcohol. Deep down inside me there was even the fear that the world will never be free from alcohol. 

I’m not trying to compare myself to Nelson Mandela, I’m trying to help you to see that while there may be points that seem dark, there may be moments that seem brutal, you may even feel like you’re in a prison, you can get free. 

Freedom from alcohol might feel impossible, but it’s not. 

It just seems impossible…

…until it is done.

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