Sober is boring

Let’s think about it for a second. 

Why do you think life would be boring if you didn’t drink? Probably because you have heard people say thing like this:  

“It wasn’t that I judged people who didn’t drink, but I felt sorry for them – like they were missing out.”. 

Does that sound familiar? Have you said something like that in the past? Do you still think like that? Do you think that without alcohol you will be the one missing out? You’ll be the one in the corner that everyone feels sorry for, the shell of the man reduced to a joyless husk? 

Don’t worry, I understand that. So, let’s think about it for a second. 

Picture the scene, a balmy summer day, a group of friends in a beer garden, drinking pints, chatting, laughing, generally having a great time. Sounds good, right? You’re drinking beer and enjoying yourself. You look over at me, I just cracked a joke that made that new girl from accounts laugh like a sexy donkey. You look over at me and, with a touch of envy, think I’m living my best life. You clearly aren’t feeling sorry for me. 

Yet, my pint is alcohol free, shock horror! Do you change your mind? Am I suddenly a joyless husk?

Isn’t the truth that you are just worried that without alcohol you will be a joyless husk of a man? Yet, if you can accept that I can enjoy myself and live life to the full with an alcohol free beer wouldn’t it be possible to accept that you could too? 

Isn’t there a possibility that with the right mindset you could be exciting and sober? Maybe, just maybe, might there be a different way for you too?

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