Happy Star Wars Day

Yes, May 4th is Intergalactic Stars Wars Day. Get it, May the force? Very clever. 

Normally I just ignore things like that but recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with Star Wars. Not in the way I was when I was seven. It’s not like I really want a lightsabre.  I mean I kind of still do, but they cost a lot and my friend who just spent £200 on one is getting heaps from his wife. 

No, I’m obsessed with the power of the story. There is so much deeper underlying truth in the Star Wars universe. 

For example, have you ever really thought about the difference between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader? On the surface one’s a goodie and one’s a baddie. But there’s so much more to it than that. 

Darth is strong and he’s ordered. Both of these are admirable qualities. But there is not enough. What separates Luke from Darth is feeling and understanding. Luke has strength and order, but he begins to realise that it is not enough. 

Think about what Ben Kenobi and Yoda are trying to drill into his brain, feel the force. The force is about feeling and understanding, not strength and power. By embracing the force Luke brings balance to himself. 

That is a fundamental lesson that is worth learning. To become complete, you must embrace what you lack. If you are strong and ordered, then embrace feeling and understanding. If you feel and understand, then embrace strength and order. 

To bring balance to the universe you must first bring balance to yourself. 

May the force be with.

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