What do I mean quit?

What do you think when you hear the word quit? 

You might think about giving up drinking. Of course, the phrase ‘giving up’ implies that you are making a sacrifice. Too often quitting drinking means loss and suffering. But there is another way of thinking about it. 

We don’t just use the word quit when we’re talking about alcohol. We use it to talk about leaving jobs. And when we do, we use it in a very different sense. 

When you quit a job, you don’t just stop doing it. In this sense, quit implies moving on in a positive way. It’s about leaving something that wasn’t right for you and never going back.  

Even if you enjoyed the previous job, quitting means moving on to something better. 

That’s the key. That’s what the word quitting really means, not sacrifice but progress. 

For too many people, quitting alcohol feels like they’ve been fired when, in reality, they’ve left the worst job they’ll ever have. 

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