Sleep and Booze

I swear I used to sleep more when I drank. Yet I was tired all the time. 

You know this already; this is one of those quality over quantity things. I got more quantity, but the quality was so low that I might as well not have bothered.  

As Sunday is World Sleep Day, I thought I’d offer you five tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

1, Don’t drink alcohol

The evidence is overwhelming, it ruins your sleep. 

2, Black out blinds 

I’m a light sleeper and total darkness made a huge difference for me. 

3, Read before bed 

Reading makes many people feel tired, books also contain adventure, humour and spaceships. 

4, DND mode on your phone 

There is a setting on your phone that will make the screen black and white, silence all notifications and electrocute you if you pick it up. Set it to come on between 10 pm and 6 am. 

5, Don’t drink 

Seriously dude, don’t do it! 

Sweet dreams.

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