Fire Alarm

When the fire alarm goes off do you remove the battery? 

No, you get out, you get the fire service out and you stay out. That’s so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning. 

Yet when we get alarms from our body, we don’t deal with them. We don’t pay attention; we take the battery out. 

We get a headache and we take a pill to make it go away. We don’t ask why our head hurts and what we might do to stop it hurting. 

This attitude is literally everywhere. Stress, poor sleep, aches, pains, fear, hangovers. They’re fire alarms. They are telling you to get out of the building and get help. 

But we don’t do that, we carry on drinking. We carry on eating rubbish. We carry on trying to drown our stress. We try to drown the alarm bells. 

Isn’t it time you put out the fire? Isn’t it time you stopped drinking?

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