Are you a twilight drinker?

There is a point between light and darkness that we call twilight. It is a point that I see a lot of drinkers getting to. They have not reached the true darkness of dependency, but they have long since passed from the light of stress-free, social drinking. 

They live between drinking and not drinking. They spend much of their lives being pulled in two directions. Part of them is saying ‘I want to drink’ and part of them is saying ‘I don’t want to drink’. 

They are not alcoholics: no vodka on the cornflakes, no losing jobs, in fact, some of the time it doesn’t even seem like a problem. Yet, more and more of the time they feel stuck between their desire to drink and the knowledge that they shouldn’t. That takes up a lot of headspace and that is a major cause of stress. 

If that feels close to home, then don’t worry. You can stop drinking. You can take control. You can find stress free living.

And we’re here to help. Check out our other posts and videos. Take a look at the coaching section for some rock solid support.

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