Alcohol: a definition

“Alcohol is a flammable, colorless liquid that makes you pay attention to the wrong things.” 

True I made that definition up. But for years it defined what alcohol did to me. 

I paid more attention to where my next drink was coming from than I did to how my wife was feeling. 

I paid more attention to when the off license was going to shut than I did to my health and my sanity. 

I paid more attention to when the event was going to end and I was going to get home and have a drink than I did to the event itself. 

I missed so much when I was drinking because my focus was in the wrong place. I rushed through important things so I could open a bottle of wine. 

Sadly, I am not alone. 

I’ve met far too many people who have had their attention hijacked by alcohol. Good people who have found that all of a sudden they are living alcohol’s life rather than their own. 

If that sounds familiar here’s another definition for you.

“Sober is a state of mind which helps you to pay attention to the right things”

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