Day of the Dead

Today is the middle of the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’. For some reason it lasts for three days. It doesn’t worry me because, thankfully,  my days of the dead are long behind me. 

When I was drinking every day felt like the day of the dead. 

I felt lifeless. I felt physically tired all of the time. Compared to me the average corpse was more animated. During those dark days I discovered the true meaning of the word moribund. 

But mentally I was also pretty much pushing up daisies. My thinking was sluggish, my concentration was broken. The only thing I could reliably concentrate on was when I’d be getting my next drink. 

But worst of all, my emotions had expired. Most of the time I was numb. I was lifeless in the sense that my spirit had departed. There was no joy. It was like alcohol had swapped my 4K, HDR life for a cathode ray ordeal. 

Does that sound familiar? Do you want to go on living that way?  

Too many people mistake drink induced death for life. They think that feeling like you’re constantly living the day of the dead is a by-product of age or stress or the weather. 

It’s not. It’s alcohol. 

But there’s another way. You can rise from the dead.

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