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Sleep and Booze

I swear I used to sleep more when I drank. Yet I was tired all the time. […]

Jack’s Back

Shock horror. Breaking news! I recently drank alcohol. Dum, dum dummmmm. A friend of mine accidentally poured[…]

World Book Day

It’s World Book Day. It’s a highlight of the year because you get to dress up as[…]

Lying to yourself

“Four to six pints most evenings” he said hoping that it sounded reasonable. I didn’t follow up.[…]

Everything is expensive, but alcohol is still cheap!

Prices are soaring but don’t worry, booze is still cheap! You can bust the government recommended weekly[…]

90% lies

“Booze is 10% ethanol and 90% marketing.” I wish I’d thought of that but it was actually[…]

Damp February

New Year’s Day is all but forgotten. Your resolutions are a distant memory. Even though January is[…]

Are you a twilight drinker?

There is a point between light and darkness that we call twilight. It is a point that[…]

Strength of Character

Think Royal Marine Commando: think strength of character.  To complete the Royal Marine training you need willpower,[…]

Alcohol: a definition

“Alcohol is a flammable, colorless liquid that makes you pay attention to the wrong things.”  True I[…]